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Town of Preston increases community outreach

PRESTON – The Town of Preston recently announced that they now have a website and social media page where residents can stay engaged with community events including its upcoming Easter Egg Hunt.

According to Town of Preston Supervisor Zachary Meseck, Preston now has a website,, and a facebook page, Town of Preston NY, which will help keep residents up-to-date on current issues and upcoming events.

Meseck said the financial investment from the town was approximately $200 for the year, and some of those costs may be offset by partnering with local businesses.

“This is something I’ve wanted for the town since I started my run for office,” said Meseck. “Having a website helps bridge the gap for people who don’t want to attend every board meeting to know what’s going on in the town.”

“It’s my hope that residents will use the site, and reach out to us with recommendations on how we can make it better reflect the needs of the community.”

Meseck said the town board continues to try and find innovative ways to make the space as useful as possible, and there are plans to continue expanding the website based on resident feedback.

“The board has been really supportive, and allowed me to move forward with projects like the website to help promote community engagement,” he added. “We’re already using the social media page to share announcements for our upcoming in-person Easter Egg Hunt, and we look forward to doing more of that in the future.”

The Town of Preston Easter Egg Hunt is for ages 10 and under, and will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 16 at Preston Manor Adult Home, 1150 County Road 4.

“For this year’s event our Youth Programs Director Kim Sitts was able to coordinate her efforts with Cindy Brown at the Preston Manor; we’re excited to be able to bring community members back together in person, and hopefully continue to partner with the manor on future events.” Meseck said. “We’re going to work to come up with more community events over the summer, and we hope that people support that effort.”

If anyone has an idea for an event, or would like to engage with Preston’s government they’re welcome to attend town meetings at 7 p.m. on the second Wednesdays of each month at the town garage located at 685 Tamarac Rd, Oxford, NY 13830.

They can also reach out to Meseck directly at (607) 201-4527 for additional information.

- Town of Preston Supervisor Zachary Meseck

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1 Comment

Tina Utter
Tina Utter
Jan 12, 2023

great idea in this tech age

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