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Town of Preston Court

Town Justice: Andrew D. Wheatley

Court Clerk: Karen E. Osborn

If you have any questions please call the Town Court at (607) 336-1128

Our address for the Preston Town Court is 685 Tamarac Rd., Oxford, NY 13830


1st Wednesday of every month at 1:00pm (ADA/Criminal Court)

3rd Wednesday of every month at 1:00pm


1. Use the drop box located to the right of the Town Court’s main entrance.

2. In person, if court is open.

3. Payments can be mailed to: Preston Town Court, 685 Tamarac Road, Oxford, NY 13830 (Money orders or bank certified checks only, no personal checks accepted).




Application for Public Defender Program

Vehicle & Traffic Application for Reduction of Charges


District Attorney Website:

Public Defender Website:

New York State Court Help CourtHelp | New York State Courts | Legal Self-help (

Dispute Resolution Center offers Mediation for: Small Claims/Debt Solutions for Individuals & Businesses, Divorce Agreements, Workplace Disputes, Landlord/Tenant, Family Disputes, Parent/Teen, Parenting Plan (Custody/Visitation), Customer/Merchant, Feuding Neighbor Conversations, Care Agreements for Youth/Elders Facing Terminal Illness. If you have questions, please call (607) 432-0061.


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